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GBE Webinar Presenter

Fazıl Çekırdek
Expert Technical Analyst

Fazil is an active Financial Markets trader for over 20 years now and a practicing Technical Analyst. He is a member of VTAD (Association of Technical Analysts of Germany).
One of Fazil’s specialisms is the Elliott Wave analysis. He has acquired deep understanding of the technicalities behind the method and has managed to developed his own analytical methodology based on it.
GBE brokers is happy to announce that Fazil has decided to share his expertise with our existing and prospect clients.

GBE Webinar Presenter

Ashraf Elabgy
Certified Technical Analyst

Ashraf is an internationally recognized expert. He is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe, IFTA) and a Certified Technical Analyst (ESTA) with over 10 years financial trading experience including stock exchange trading. At present, Ashraf works as a Technical Director of a trading securities company. He has a strong passion to teach and educate people who strive to understand how the financial markets work. Ashraf also specializes in Metatrader and Metastock systems. This enables him to teach his students how to master one of the core elements of the trading process – the order execution system. Ashraf has selected to present and teach at GBE brokers where the support, execution prices and technology are at their best.

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