MT4 Booster Pack

Tune-up your MT4!

# Full set of professional trading tools for your GBE trading platform.
# Faster than a web-trader!
# Customise your MT4 like never before!
# We will help you install and start using the tools.

A selection of Free Tools

Position Size Calculator

The Position Size Calculator is a key tool for Risk Management. It will suggest a position size respective of variables such as account currency, account size, stop loss level and risk percentage.

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Pip Calculator

The Pip Calculator is a tool which will display the value of a pip for a selected currency pair, in respect of the base account currency and the current price of this currency pair at the trading platform. 

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Economic Calendar

The economic calendar tool provides useful information about macroeconomic events. It is considered a major fundamental market analysis tool based on real-time data collected from public sources.

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Pivot Point Calculator

The Pivot Point Calculator is used to calculate pivot points and determine the overall trend of the market over different time frames. The "pivot point" is the average of the high, low and closing prices from previous trading.

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Margin Calculator

The Margin Calculator helps to calculate the margin required to open and hold positions. This will enable the determination of the lot size which can be traded in respect of the account leverage and balance.

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Fibonacci Calculator

This advanced technical tool is used by numerous experienced traders as part of their technical analysis strategy. It is used for attempted determination of the possible price correction levels of a currency pair. 

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